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How Will You Know When Your Dreams Have Come True?

I was reading the following blog post today and it got me thinking.

My Moment in the (Tuscan) Sun – Lee Jessup

It is an interesting thing to look back on your life and suddenly realise how much of what you have now is due to the realisation of dreams you had, in some cases many, many years ago.  From the smallest things, like the choice of cup you drink your tea from, to the home you live in, the career you pursue, even your relationships, every physical manifestation in your life began as an idea….

“What if….”

“If only….”

“I want….”

It is also interesting to note, that most of us spend so much of our time so intently focused on the things we DON’T have, that we forget to look around us and see what we have already received.

But what if you look at your life right now and you aren’t happy with much of what you see?

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