How Will You Know When Your Dreams Have Come True?

I was reading the following blog post today and it got me thinking.

My Moment in the (Tuscan) Sun – Lee Jessup

It is an interesting thing to look back on your life and suddenly realise how much of what you have now is due to the realisation of dreams you had, in some cases many, many years ago.  From the smallest things, like the choice of cup you drink your tea from, to the home you live in, the career you pursue, even your relationships, every physical manifestation in your life began as an idea….

“What if….”

“If only….”

“I want….”

It is also interesting to note, that most of us spend so much of our time so intently focused on the things we DON’T have, that we forget to look around us and see what we have already received.

But what if you look at your life right now and you aren’t happy with much of what you see?

Ask yourself- have you been driven to this point by pursuing your dreams, or running from your fears?

It is a truism of the Age we live in that you get what you focus on.  In other words, if you look for good things, you will find them. If you expect life to be hard, then you will experience it that way.

The attitude with which you approach your life is a choice totally within your control, and has very little to do with the circumstances of it.   (If you want proof of this- then one only has to explore the myriad reports of travellers over centuries past, who, on encountering some of the poorest people on the planet, are usually very surprised to find they are often the happiest.  Perhaps this is to do with the fact that when you have nothing, ANYTHING is something to be grateful for…..)

Yes, more can be better in some ways, money can buy comfort and health, but more money doesn’t guarantee good relationships or contentment!

So we need dreams to follow, things to aspire to, goals to work towards.

From time to time, we also need to stop, look around us, and see with fresh eyes the things we have created in our lives.

They may not always look the way we imagined.  They may not have made us whole, or ‘fixed’ all the problems we perceived in our lives. We may still be the same people who dreamed, we may still suffer self-doubt and angst, and fear from time to time.  We may still have things we don’t like about ourselves or the circumstances we find ourselves in, but if we take a moment to look at the things we DO like, the things we DO have, then we will realise something profound.

We made something happen.


We had a dream, a wish, a hope, a thought….    the germ of an idea.

We paid attention to that thought, we planted it and watered it, we nurtured it, we allowed that thought to motivate us to action, and the thought grew into a thing.

Sure, some things take longer than others to grow.  Some things are harder to nurture and finicky to raise.  Some come at a much higher price.  But all of them begin with an idea, a dream….

You are what your deep, driving desire is. 
As your desire is, so is your will. 
As your will is, so is your deed. 
As you deed is, so is your destiny.
(Upanishads, Brihad. IV.4.5)
We create new experiences for ourselves, and we create our own realities in the things we have around us, when we don’t simply dream idly, but allow those dreams to motivate us into action. When we pursue those dreams, we take actions that drive us to the achievements we make, and we reap the rewards from those actions.  But sometimes we forget how we got started, and we keep moving the goalposts, aiming for the NEXT dream, without ever stopping to appreciate what we have  already managed to do.
When the mountaineer has climbed to the top of the mountain, he may enjoy the view for a moment, but the mountain is still there…. it must be descended again, and then there will be another mountain to climb….
So stop for a moment, take the time to look around you.  Remember all that you once only dreamed about, and see how much you have created in your life already.  I bet it’s a pretty amazing view from up there…

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