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REVIEW: BOOK, Todd Debreceni’s “Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen” Second Edition

I purchased the original edition of this book shortly after its release in 2009, and read it from cover to cover in a day. Perhaps ‘read’ is not quite the right word- devoured, is probably more accurate! I was certainly hungry for the knowledge Todd had packed into it, and its sleek cover encased a particularly comprehensive guide to making and applying prosthetic makeup.  Now Focal Press have just released the Second Edition, with even more fantastic information and techniques.

Unlike a lot of the standard makeup tomes (although they are valuable repositories of information in their own right) “Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen” covers all of the latest industry techniques and materials. Not only does the book provide in-depth explanations, it is illustrated with fabulous photographs, in easy to follow chapters, covering the entire process of Prosthetic Makeups from Design to Application, and more! While perfectly suitable as a self-teaching manual – it is clearly laid out, like any good textbook, it also provides a great reference book for more experienced Makeup Artsist wishing to brush up on industry-standard techniques.


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REVIEW: DVD, Neill Gorton’s “Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone”

The Compilation Set of Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone covers more advanced techniques than The Art of Silicone Prosthetics, the previous series from Neill Gorton of Millenium FX in the UK. Neill has pioneered the use of single-piece flexible silicone prosthetics over the past decade and his expertise in this area is second to none.  It is available as 4 individual DVDs or in the Box Set.

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REVIEW: DVD, Neill Gorton’s “The Art of Silicone Prosthetics”

If you have seen any movie that features realistic facial or body scarring in the last five years, chances are you have seen flat-moulded encapsulated silicone prosthetic transfers in action. They give an incredibly realistic result and as far as looking like real flesh and skin they have not been surpassed. The consist of a thin membrane of plastic (the encapsulant) filled with a special silicon gel, the texture of which which can be modified to create firmer or softer pieces for different areas on the body. Once applied the edges of the encapsulant are melted away and become invisible on the skin surface. The appliances are coloured using special alcohol-soluble ink makeup (such as Skin Illustrator).

Neill Gorton, of Britain’s Millenium FX, is a pioneer in this method of making prosthetics, and in this excellent series of Instructional DVDs, he demonstrates the design and manufacturing process in simple, easy to follow steps.

Don’t waste materials making expensive mistakes- get this DVD and understand the process before you start!

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Great Makeup Books & DVDs

If you want to start collecting some good reference materials, this list gives you some idea of where to start looking- it covers a small selection of the books and DVDs in my Makeup & FX Library.

I currently have over  300 books in my collection, not including filmmaking books.  I have books on ‘straight’ makeup as well plus other pictorial period and general references, hairstyling books, medical and forensic books, magazines, etc etc. They are in no particular order but I would start with the first two as they both contain information on the latest industry standard materials and techniques.

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